A Year In Mill Valley



I thought I would try WordPress from the I phone app. I thought that it was a lot more straight forward and not as complicated as the one online.

This picture is of my dad, if you’re reading this you might have read some of his blogging. My dad was sitting in his office making a funny face when I took the picture. He has given me his old iphone to do my blogging when away on vacation in the Cape and Europe. I took this picture as a test  to figure out how to attach a picture to the blog with the iphone app. As I mentioned earlier our family is going on summer vacation. My dad and I are going to be in Cape Cod for a month so that I can sail. My mom and brother will come out two weeks later, after that my dad will come home and my mom, my brother Sebastian and I will go on to France and England for a total of two weeks.

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