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Sebastian Entering 2nd Grade

Whether it’s just because he’s the youngest, or because he really is “younger” in many ways than Nathaniel was at the same age, Rachel and I will often turn to each other and say “will he ever grow up?” But growing up he is, and tomorrow he starts the 2nd grade! He’s in Mrs. Brune’s class, same as Nathaniel was. Mrs. Brune asked for a letter describing Sebastian for his first day, and Rachel wrote it just now, and I thought it was really special…so I’m remembering it here.

“Dear Linda

This is a letter about Sebastian Leahy, (Nathaniel’s younger brother).

Let’s see…
Sebastian is warm blooded and outgoing, (but also surprisingly sensitive).

He has an amazing sense of smell, acute hearing and can whistle any tune you sing.

He loves to play lego with friends, play just about anything outside that involves a ball, dig in the dirt, climb trees, run in the woods, build forts from scrap material with his brother, talk to animals, look for gnomes, paint, make things and be read to. Anything in nature.

His greatest fear is to be up on stage by himself as the center of attention, or to feel humiliated, but he is happy to join in.

He is kind and generous hearted, and is aware of other people/animals that need looking after.

He is usually happy and upbeat, (and from time to time sad or mad)……but there’s not much in between.

He has a strong sense of fairness and justice and feels keenly when that isn’t honored.

He seems to like structure, knowing what to expect, visual and oral learning time in the garden, art, science and math.

We simply hope that he feels the magic of being a child as long as possible, and that there is room for mystery and wonder along the way.

Rachel and Frank”

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