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Hoppity Skippity Man

(Photo: Rachel and Sebastian at Mill Valley Memorial Day parade, May 25, 2009)

I dropped the boys off this morning at the Tam Valley Community Center on my way to work, and after giving them a “squeezy hug” each, watched them run down the walkway and out to the sidewalk on their way to school. I didn’t get a picture but I really need to because Nathaniel runs with his backpack shaking side to side behind him while Sebastian skips along behind his older brother.

A sight worth holding close and tight and lovingly.

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Baseball Win in the Rain

(Photo: Opening day in Mill Valley, March 21, 2009)

Wet baseball game today. Very close. Pitchers duel. Tied 2-2 after 4. Umps (who were both 12 or 13 years old) kept trying to get us to stop. Coaches and kids wanted to play on. They went up 4-2 after 5. We won 5-4 in 6.

Dinner tonight at Adam DeVito’s in Sausalito. I bid on an item at the Morning Song School auction, and won a dinner for 8 at Adam’s. Looking forward to an amazing meal.

Garden is torn up waiting for the retaining wall posts to be pulled up a little bit. Heading to Home Depot to return some lights and buy a come-along to do the pulling on the retaining wall.

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