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Up The Mountain

This is what we took.

Last night was awesome! Our family and some other families hiked up the the West Point Inn. On the hike up my friend Jack dropped his sleeping bag down a ravine type thing. it was very classic, like something that you would see in cartoon. he just stood there and watched it fall down, down, down. Two minutes after in happened Jack’s little brother said “well now you don’t have to carry as much”. When we got there we were all fighting over who got to sleep in the cabins and who had to sleep in the inn. finally a parent came over and said that the seventh graders got to choose where they slept so we chose the cabin. The little kids got so sad and soapy that the parents couldn’t put up with it so they had to rent them another cabin. We really didn’t like the idea of them right next door especially because one of them said to me that the the first one to go to sleep gets a mustache, and well you can probably figure out how the story ends.

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