A Year In Mill Valley

Oat Meal and Boiled Park

You know those times when you look at each other and say “Oh my God, we have to remember that!”, well, Sebastian is still at that age where we look at each other and laugh several times a week (or sometimes several times a day). The times it happens though are getting fewer and farther between now that his teeth have pretty much corrected themselves (he had a binky until about a year ago, which pushed his teeth out a bit, meaning more space for his tongue, which gave him a bit of a lisp…really cute, but thankfully correctable), and so to remember some of our favorite Sebastianisms, we dedicate this blog entry.

Two of our favorites he still says — “Oat Meal Park” and “Boiled Park” — for two of the parks Rachel takes him to on a regular basis (real names are Old Mill Park and Boyle Park).

Here’s a list that we wrote down a year or so ago…and thank God we did because they’re so easy to forget. I suppose someday I’ll go through the video we have and find other examples…but until then, enjoy:

  • me fwying, Michael fwying, John fwying (with arms out running around the room after watching Peter Pan)
  • lickle (for little)
  • airpane me (for Daddy, fly me around the room)
  • get it Debba (for Granny Deborah)
  • Ganny Debba pees (please)
  • bit scaaarrry (when watching TV or video)
  • hebby copter (helicopter)
  • me have it
  • Bubba do it (Bubba was his nickname because he couldn’t say Sebastian, and Bubba, or more properly Ba-Ba, was the closest he could get)
  • wake Peter Pan
  • pees mummy, pees
  • fweetie (for sweetie)
  • amaazing
  • wake me
  • that better
  • oooper (for ???)
  • o-jinj (orange juice or orange color)
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