A Year In Mill Valley

stoplight intersections

Today swimming was canceled because of the chlorine levels were either too high or too low no one knows. Because swimming was canceled i got to hang out with my good friend jason. my dad suggested that we ride our bikes into Mill Valley and get a list of all the stoplight intersections. You may be asking why would you need a list of all the intersections, well i have good reasons. Back in january i got hit by a car on my bike. i got hit going across Tam High cross walk. As i approached the cross walk i could see the red hand blinking so i had no idea how much time i had cross, but there were two high schoolers walking towards me so i said to my self if they have time to cross i have time to cross. turns out that they stop on the island in the middle and the car in the third lane over starts up at the green light and hits me. About a month later my dad and i came up with a great idea maybe we could persuade the city to put in a count down blinking hand. The city thought that it was a great idea and that if they buy three lights then they get a discount. So now you know why i wanted a list of all the stoplight intersections.

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