A Year In Mill Valley

My first blog entry

This is my first blog entry and I will be blogging for the whole summer. My dad’s asking me do this because he wants me to become a better writer (and you know what, it isn’t a bad idea).

Yesterday I spent my day at the beach boogie boarding and swimming. The water was freezing. I forgot my wet suit so I could only stay in the water for 30-45 minutes. Today I haven’t really done anything except for figuring out how this WordPress website works.

We are about go to the library, tomorrow I will tell you what books I got.

This is picture of my brother and our dog Patches. Patches is 8 months now and hopefully isn’t going to get much bigger. I only put it here because I wanted to see how to add a picture.

Happy Reading!
— Nathaniel


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  1. Dave Adair June 16th, 2011 9:48 pm


    I’m so happy to see that you’re blogging now. And I’ll love to hear what you’re up to this summer. Very, very cool! It was great seeing you and Sebastian the other day. I hope I get to see you again soon…

    Love to you both,

  2. nathaniel July 1st, 2011 11:09 am

    thanks dave tell Lauren that i had a great time when you were here

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