A Year In Mill Valley

Day 2 Klamath River Lodge

Got to Weitchpec about 2:00 and just over 50 miles. Weithpec is on the Hoopa reservation and there’s nothing there to write home about. We stopped to eat lunch as it started to rain and we had about 12 more miles to Klamath River Lodge where we’d made reservations for the night. The last couple of miles had been a slog so I turned to Chris and said I’ll bet a couple of twenties would get us to the Lodge a lot faster than riding. I went in to the store eating a cookie and the lady running it said “you eat that in here you gonna have to share”. I laughed and offered her a piece but she declined with a twinkle in her eye then offered me a chicken wing. I asked if she knew anyone who might drive us to Orleans and she said she might. 5 minutes later Ted showed up with an old pickup truck and a mouth full of marbles ( everything he said we had to ask two or three times to repeat). It was raining hard up the grade and we were glad we’d taken the ride. I’m just sorry I don’t have a picture of the store or Ted.

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