A Year In Mill Valley

Bennett’s Birthday Party

We were invited to celebrate Bennett’s 50th up at Frey Vineyards. We loaded some camping equipment in the car, and drove up past Ukiah to join up with a couple of dozen other families.

There were many highlights to the weekend — the friends, the food, the wine, the music, the pizzas, the amazing hospitality — but Julie’s operatic ode to the spanking machine was right up there (see video below)…I’m just sorry I only got the last 45 seconds or so.

What an amazing weekend! Thank you Bennett and Emily for including us.

— Frank, Rachel, Nathaniel and Sebastian

p.s. We’ve been looking for a piece of property closer to home…something with some acreage, water, a place to plant, a place to share with friends. If you’re reading this and have any interest or want to know more, do let us know!


More photos on Picasa…click on the image below (shot with an iPhone, so don’t expect much :-)

Bennett and Emily's 50th
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