A Year In Mill Valley



Today my brothers god mother took us to a honey bee convention type thing. There we tried lots of different types of honey and got to see many bee hives. On the way to the convention house we took a shuttle but instead of taking the shuttle down we walked all the way down to the car. This is a picture of the crowded shuttle.

My Edit
You know looking back at these i realized that they aren’t very good at telling a story, or anything. The bee convention had a lot more to it than I thought. I thought that it was going to be a lot of geeks walking around looking at different bees and tasting different types of honey kind of like a science fair. But it was the complete opposite, a lot of the people there I had seen down town or at public events. Sebastian’s god mother Lauren told us that there was going to be a speech about bees and the end so we got all mopey. The speech/lecture turned out to be really interesting, it was all about how the bee populations were decreasing and what we could do to help. I know that the picture isn’t very nice either and I realized that I probably should have taken a picture of some bee boxes or something instead of some random guy’s arm. when we got home Sebastian’s god father Dave showed us a cool video about bees populations decreasing. Here’s the video:

Bee-Boy dance crew drops dead

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