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stoplight intersections

Today swimming was canceled because of the chlorine levels were either too high or too low no one knows. Because swimming was canceled i got to hang out with my good friend jason. my dad suggested that we ride our bikes into Mill Valley and get a list of all the stoplight intersections. You may be asking why would you need a list of all the intersections, well i have good reasons. Back in january i got hit by a car on my bike. i got hit going across Tam High cross walk. As i approached the cross walk i could see the red hand blinking so i had no idea how much time i had cross, but there were two high schoolers walking towards me so i said to my self if they have time to cross i have time to cross. turns out that they stop on the island in the middle and the car in the third lane over starts up at the green light and hits me. About a month later my dad and i came up with a great idea maybe we could persuade the city to put in a count down blinking hand. The city thought that it was a great idea and that if they buy three lights then they get a discount. So now you know why i wanted a list of all the stoplight intersections.

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Up The Mountain

This is what we took.

Last night was awesome! Our family and some other families hiked up the the West Point Inn. On the hike up my friend Jack dropped his sleeping bag down a ravine type thing. it was very classic, like something that you would see in cartoon. he just stood there and watched it fall down, down, down. Two minutes after in happened Jack’s little brother said “well now you don’t have to carry as much”. When we got there we were all fighting over who got to sleep in the cabins and who had to sleep in the inn. finally a parent came over and said that the seventh graders got to choose where they slept so we chose the cabin. The little kids got so sad and soapy that the parents couldn’t put up with it so they had to rent them another cabin. We really didn’t like the idea of them right next door especially because one of them said to me that the the first one to go to sleep gets a mustache, and well you can probably figure out how the story ends.

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Forgetful Lazy Monday


I know I forgot to blog yesterday but had good reason well at least my dad thought it was a good reason at that’s good enough for me. My reason was that my mom and dad came home from their weekend away. Today I did nothing except for stay home and now I’m at my friend Zeak’s house. Zeak lives on a house boat. This is the view from his living room.

Well while I’m at it I might as well edit all of my posts. The first draft really summarizes the whole day but my dad says that I should put more effort into my posts and make them more of a story. Well I was going through the and found that my posts really were just summaries.

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Today my brothers god mother took us to a honey bee convention type thing. There we tried lots of different types of honey and got to see many bee hives. On the way to the convention house we took a shuttle but instead of taking the shuttle down we walked all the way down to the car. This is a picture of the crowded shuttle.

My Edit
You know looking back at these i realized that they aren’t very good at telling a story, or anything. The bee convention had a lot more to it than I thought. I thought that it was going to be a lot of geeks walking around looking at different bees and tasting different types of honey kind of like a science fair. But it was the complete opposite, a lot of the people there I had seen down town or at public events. Sebastian’s god mother Lauren told us that there was going to be a speech about bees and the end so we got all mopey. The speech/lecture turned out to be really interesting, it was all about how the bee populations were decreasing and what we could do to help. I know that the picture isn’t very nice either and I realized that I probably should have taken a picture of some bee boxes or something instead of some random guy’s arm. when we got home Sebastian’s god father Dave showed us a cool video about bees populations decreasing. Here’s the video:

Bee-Boy dance crew drops dead

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Weekend away


Today my parents are leaving to inverness for fathers day weekend. We have my brothers god mother taking care of us. This is a picture of her. I really don’t know what to get my dad for fathers day but with fairy god mother on my side I’ll think of something.

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I thought I would try WordPress from the I phone app. I thought that it was a lot more straight forward and not as complicated as the one online.

This picture is of my dad, if you’re reading this you might have read some of his blogging. My dad was sitting in his office making a funny face when I took the picture. He has given me his old iphone to do my blogging when away on vacation in the Cape and Europe. I took this picture as a test  to figure out how to attach a picture to the blog with the iphone app. As I mentioned earlier our family is going on summer vacation. My dad and I are going to be in Cape Cod for a month so that I can sail. My mom and brother will come out two weeks later, after that my dad will come home and my mom, my brother Sebastian and I will go on to France and England for a total of two weeks.

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My first blog entry

This is my first blog entry and I will be blogging for the whole summer. My dad’s asking me do this because he wants me to become a better writer (and you know what, it isn’t a bad idea).

Yesterday I spent my day at the beach boogie boarding and swimming. The water was freezing. I forgot my wet suit so I could only stay in the water for 30-45 minutes. Today I haven’t really done anything except for figuring out how this WordPress website works.

We are about go to the library, tomorrow I will tell you what books I got.

This is picture of my brother and our dog Patches. Patches is 8 months now and hopefully isn’t going to get much bigger. I only put it here because I wanted to see how to add a picture.

Happy Reading!
— Nathaniel